What are Carina Eden Gels, how do they work and how can they help you?

What are the Carina Eden Balance Gels? Carina Eden Balance Gels are remedies designed to be applied in the regions of the Chakras, or energy centers. Each color corresponds to the specific organ, according to the area, and to the emotional and practical aspect that needs to be worked. The gels are made with a base of Aloe Vera, natural pigments and a unique blend of essential oils, Bach Flowers, homeopathy and information of light, color, and sound among other forms of frequency and vibration. I formulated these compounds to balance our emotions, bring harmony and transform unwanted patterns. How do they work? These treatment gels are programmed to modify and align patterns of imbalance

Your body is telling you something. Listen to it carefully. Connect to yourself.

We’ve forgotten our nature, who we are. It’s difficult to live a balanced life being so detached from our source. Being constantly bombarded with so many things we do not need. We all know about the five senses that connect us to the external world. There are however many other inner senses that allow us to feel our internal domain. A feeling of discomfort that does not come from a touch or any external interaction can be even more powerful and disruptive than a thunderous noise or an unpleasant smell. Our bodies might be telling us that something is not quite right. We are somehow upsetting our system; it can be something someone said that did not feel good or in agreement with our truth.

It's Friday, Bring in your Venus

You can use the color green which is the one that resonates with this gentle Goddess. Bring about the love and passion and prepare a candlelight dinner. Use essential oils like Rose, Ylang Ylang or Sandalwood to evoke the Goddess forces and bring them to you. Feel the spirit of love, care, and Venus seduction. This Goddess is the personification of Beauty and Harmony, feel your inner light and splendor. Take a long bath with the essential oils and feel your glowing skin. Today you can also use your Carina Eden Heart Chakra Gel and be in sync with your inner Venus. É sexta-feira, traga sua Vênus Você pode usar a cor verde que ressoa com essa gentil Deusa. Traga o amor e a paixão, prepare um

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