During your PMS, Nurture your Heart.

The day is approaching no need to glance at the calendar. Our body, lead by unleashed hormones flowing wild inside, is alerting ”those days” are back. Now we have to deal with the uncertainty of the intensity of the chaos that will soon take over our emotions. All women have some experience with PMS; however, we do not experience it the same way. For some it is literally “the end” of civilized interaction with the rest of society, it is a moment when we are confronted with our most intimate issues without being able to hide them, especially from ourselves successfully. Now we have to deal with all those residents that inhabit the shadowy areas of our inner world. However, for other women, P

Why should we take care of the Heart

June 12th is Lover’s Day in Brazil, so it's the perfect time to remember our organ of highest Love. The heart is the organ par excellence, without it, there is no life in our body. It is the heart who should guide our way and determine what we should do in our existence. The human heart has more electromagnetic power than the brain itself, and its energy expands miles away from the physical heart. It knows, even with the interference of our rational mind, what is reasonable and fair at every single moment. The heart has an intrinsic intelligence and is directly connected to the brain on a two-way path. What I think affects my feeling and what I feel affects my mind. The difference between th

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