Are you finding it difficult to express these days?

Lately, I find myself reluctant to post in social media. I think twice before exposing my views out there. I didn't use to feel this way. It's not all the time, but it's been becoming more frequent and challenging. I feel a share of tension even when talking to people and saying anything that is not in the narrow script of political correctness. As I look around, I realize that all those who have a different perspective, or even a new creative view about anything at all might be silenced or scrutinized. We are letting our most truthful beliefs and expression to be squashed and judged by those who think they are seeing things clearer than us. There is a dictatorship that permeates everything,

Mother's Day

Mothers are our first reference of love, support, nourish, warmth and communication. Through their care, we learn the act of receiving that will allow us to be giving and loving human beings as we turn into adults. Carina Eden Balance Gels would like to send a message of gratitude to all the mothers out there. Your work, devotion, and dedication is so much appreciated in this world. We know it's not an easy role. Thank you, Moms! Wishing you a Wonderful Mother's Day! For the month of May our products have 20% discount. coupon MAYMOM

Get Grounded and Get it all Done!

Many of us are feeling life becoming more and more hectic, days seem shorter; time goes faster, we grow older, and the sensation of not getting things done lingers on. There seems to be much more to do than time to accomplish it. We tend to feel tired and sluggish, sometimes dragging ourselves to get our tasks and errands done. It is a time of uncertainty, and we might find ourselves feeling tired, fearful and doubtful about the future. For these difficult moments, I suggest using Carina Eden Pachamama Gel for rooting and grounding. Pachamama is the name given to our Mother Earth by the indigenous people of South America, where I come from. Pachamama provides and offers support to our

Life is Better When we are in Balance.

We live in a world of duality, always trapped between two large and overwhelmingly contrary forces. We are always trying to balance expansion and contraction, good and evil, light and darkness, health and sickness. Finding the middle is still a big challenge. Each of us reacts differently toward adversity; what is painful for me is not necessarily distressing for someone else. Still, we get mixed up with other people's experiences about life and sometimes fail to separate what is ours and what is external to us. How do we find the things that are unique to our individuality? How do we not get lost and get in touch with that inner wisdom and awareness? What makes me happy? What inspires me

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