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Chromopuncture / Colorpuncture Information

The use of colors as a therapeutic resource has been used by such ancient civilizations as Egypt, Greece, China, and India. The objective was always the same: to harmonize the body, acting physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

Chromotherapy is an integrative and complementary practice recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1976. Chromium or chroma means color and therapy corresponds to treatment. Thus, Chromotherapy can be understood as the use of colors to treat imbalances (physical, mental, emotional) using the specific frequency of each color. One or more colors of the solar spectrum can be used, which are: red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo, and violet. Other colors can also be used, such as pink, purple, gray depending on the customer's needs.


Chromopuncture (color puncture) is a blend of chromotherapy and acupuncture, but without the needle!  It is an absolutely non-invasive technique where the body’s energy channels can be stimulated. A light pen equipped with color is used to stimulate the flow of Qi. Colored light is applied to the skin at specific points (ie. acupuncture points, along the meridians, or chakras). Each color emits a vibration (frequency) reaching (informing) cells, to rebalance and heal. Chromopuncture is a therapeutic technique that uses colors to balance the body physically, emotionally and energetically. ​


The Chromopuncture wand or pen is a radionic device, its function is to accumulate, expand and emit energy from sub-atomic particles. The wand is made of a hollow copper tube through which these particles parade. It also has a clear quartz crystal, along with our mind it projects the healing frequencies, directing the energy stored in the tube. In this way the sub-atomic particles are activated. The performance of the pen is independent of religious faith. It does depend on the pure energy that flows through us, as in everything you do in life in accordance to quantum physics. Therefore, when using your pen, it is important that you keep your mind in balance, as only positive and harmonic thoughts should be passed on through it to the person receiving the light waves. You can hold the pen 3-5mm away from the skin for approximately 2-5 minutes. You can also use a sliding motion from one meridian point to another. Always avoid shining the light directly into the eyes.  Once you direct the crystal point to a specific chakra or meridian, the incidence of light will affect the positive and negative ions of the cell. This wave of light will then spread to other cells in that region creating an expansion to activate or a contraction when sedation is needed.

To achieve balance it is recommended to relax and become aware of the balancing and healing work taking place in the body. Remember that you can use any technique you already know, or that technique that comes through intuition. In the treatment with the colors, it is ideal to scan, or cleanse the energy before applying the specific color to treat the patient. For this, you can use the blue color. In color puncture, energize the patient with the chromatic pen and use the colors according to the effects you need for the specific organ. The specific points and energy terminals will be unlocked using the color corresponding to each meridian. See in the table the colors and their treatment indications, as well as the chakras and meridians corresponding to each color. The blue color is good for sedation and the red is used for activation of the specific meridians.

Acupuncture, acupressure and color puncture are very similar, and they all use the same map of acupoints located on the meridians of the body. The difference is that acupuncture accesses these points through needles while acupressure uses the less invasive technique of touch. Acupoints are “energy hot spots,” or places along the meridian where energy collects, making the qi more accessible there. Acupoints can be manipulated to increase or decrease the flow of energy in a particular meridian. When energy is deficient, these points can be accessed to clear blockages and stimulate circulation. When there is too much energy flowing through or stagnating in a meridian, these points are manipulated to disperse the surplus of energy.

The acupuncture points have an affinity with the electromagnetic waves, mainly those frequently in the range of visible light that starts in red and goes up to violet.  Colors stimulate skin receptors, lower frequencies, that is, orange red and yellow have YANG characteristics and those with higher frequencies, that is, green, blue and violet, have YIN characteristics.


RED   =========== GREEN

ORANGE ======== BLUE




Indication of Colors

(To better understand the following indications, which may include what seems like contradictory suggestions, please review the basic concepts of activation and sedation of Chinese medicine). 

RED: It is a warm positive color.  It is the color of blood and fire, thus transmitting heat. Red is a nerve and blood stimulant. It is the color of the heart and the muscles; the color of the rising sun and life. It is related to love, passion, anger, joy and revenge; increases vitality and sexuality.  It has greater penetrating power and has a dilating vessel effect. It is indicated for chronic diseases, osteoarthritis, long cough, chronic cough and anemia. Also for the treatment of colds, bronchitis, rheumatic pain, diarrhea, and constipation due to intestinal digestive atony, neurasthenia and tuberculosis. Provides courage when facing tests (exams, competitions) or any other life challenge. It gives us stamina, physical strength and willingness. Excessive red might make a person irritable, aggressive, a tyrant, materialistic.


ORANGE: It is the most energetic color; it represents joy and happiness; increases reactions and vitality. It is expansive, creative and outgoing, brings feelings of well-being increasing self-esteem and will. Short morning exposures improve work performance. It has a toning effect. Orange stimulates the respiratory system. Is indicated for working with lung ailments in general, hyperthyroidism, prevention of malignant tumors, lack of menstruation, gallstones and kidney disorders. Increases optimism, favors a good body-spirit relationship, sexual tonic. It might increase appetite or help in weight loss, depending on the subjects condition.  It is indicated for general discontent, depression, pessimism, psychosis, and fear. It treats processes of arteriosclerosis and fights anemia. It is useful for heart failure.  The excess of orange increases sexual and material desire, and appetite; in excess might causes mental confusion and the patient feels a bit bewildered.


YELLOW: Symbolizes the sun at the zenith. It is a light and cheerful color. Increases courage, wisdom and happiness. Promotes creativity, expansion and self-confidence.  It is good for sociability and communication. It is useful for teachers and parents.

Promotes digestion, stimulates the digestive system, strengthens nerves and endocrine glands. Increases energy, stimulates the central nervous system, and promotes muscle tone. Indicated for the treatment of constipation, paralysis, abdominal bloating, tired liver, atonic gallbladder, muscle rheumatism, eczema, chronic indigestion, headaches and migraines, blood impurity, and intestinal parasites. It is indicated for stomachache, gastrointestinal disorders, urinary disorders and paralysis.  It successfully works on physical, emotional and mental fatigue helping on depressive states.  It might reactivate and/or worsens chronic diseases. Excess might activate ambition and selfishness, increased envy and jealousy.​


GREEN:  It is the most common color in nature, the most neutral, relaxing and sedative color. The green color balances and soothes, making it the most important color for healing. It symbolizes hope and peace. Promotes intellectual faculties; activates the Thymus, stimulates the immune system, and strengthens the nerves.  Green dissolves psychological blockage, removes energy stagnation and releases blood congestion. Helps treating chronic disease, moves and eliminates toxins from the body. Promotes inner growth and balances the ego bringing peace of mind easing anger. Protects against external influences, neutralizes psychic and physical issues. Under stress, it brings emotional balance and concentrates dispersed energies.  Green favors precision work.  It is indicated for osteoarthritis, gout, eye disorders, diabetes cysts, postoperative, menopause, neuritis, kidney disease, tumors, and ulcers.  All chronic diseases with intermittent applications benefit from the use of green.  It has regenerative, refreshing and soothing properties. Indicated for the treatment of insomnia, back pain, irritability, hypertension, hemorrhoids, venereal disorder, cholera related to liver disease, arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, inflammation in the joints. It calms nervous tension, regenerates physically and mentally, melts rigidity "changing" ideas.


BLUE:  It is the color of peace and infinity, a cold, clean, deep and relaxing color. It is refreshing and soothing of the nervous system. It stimulates the Pituitary gland and the endocrine system.  It calms the pain.  Promotes creativity, harmonizes intellect and feelings. It’s excellent for concentration and intellectual understanding. Perfect for studying. It increases perception, allows the recognition of problems and the understanding of their causes.  Helps intuition and favors meditation and inner expression. It is good for material detachment, for introversion, and for tapping into the depth of the soul. It is the color of fidelity. Improves verbal or spiritual expression. It symbolizes the truth along with the white color.  It is astringent and anesthetic, indicated for expanding and hot diseases for it’s contractive properties; fullness hemorrhoids, colic, hemorrhage, inflammation, warts, heart problems, insomnia. Great for hyperactive children and nervousness.  Indicated for the treatment of headaches, vomiting, nervous cough, toothache, stomach spasms, epilepsy, insomnia, burns, and stomach ulcers. Also good for pain in general. Also helps for appendicitis, sinusitis, acute rheumatism, sciatica, red angina, facial neuralgia, and seizure. Works on disorder of the five senses, vision disorders, cataracts, bleeding from the nose, ringing in the ears, nephritis, otitis, mumps, hearing disorders, absence of taste. Soothing states of mental excitement. Promotes heightened awareness. It has a calming action on the heart and a purifying action on the blood. Indicated for the treatment of spleen disorders, chronic indigestion, bladder and kidney disorders, cystitis, rickets, poor ossification, skin irritation, pneumonia, dry cough, asthma. Eliminates hatred, irritability, anger and calms violent emotions. Decreases anguish and fear. It increases the flow of energy between the conscious, sub-conscious and supra-conscious.  Excess leads to a detachment from reality, impairs reasoning and can lead to nightmares.​​


VIOLET:  It is the highest frequency color in the light spectrum. It acts on the sub-conscious. Promotes alertness and awareness. It is an artistic and metaphysical color. It is the color of cosmic energies, inspiration and psychic experiences. It increases our spiritual intuition. It makes it possible to find other paths to spirituality. Harmonizes all organs of the body. Violet acts on several organs, producing a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. It improves the functioning of the spleen and the lymphatic system. It is indicated for visceral pain. Helps when under emotional deprivation, self-destruction, personality crises, and excessive materialism. Helps with remorse and sharp feeling of guilt. Provides deep sense of spirituality and interconnectedness; awareness, access to higher spiritual knowledge, wisdom. Opens to divine energy, spirituality and self mastery, self-realization, liberation from limiting patterns and ego attachments.  It brings access to higher states of consciousness, feelings of ecstasy and bliss.  

It is good for physical and psychic cleansing. 

Properties of purple are thoughtfulness and self-awareness, open-mindedness, mental strength, inspiration, and promotion of wise decisions.  Brings increased understanding, expanded consciousness, center, overall good health and well-being, spiritually empowered. Has the ability to make one live in the present moment, have unshakable faith, inner guidance and peace. Excess can lead to mental and spiritual confusion. It can lead to depression and detachment from life.


MAGENTA (RED + VIOLET):  It is a color of both YIN and YANG. It is a very efficient color for both physical and spiritual treatments. At the physical level it acts as an emergency room, but needs to be used with skill. In the spiritual, it acts on the astral level, in the chakras, in the aura and in the subtle body.  Balances disharmony. It is good for increasing higher energies, not for activating them, more for increasing them.  Excess can lead to physical, emotional and spiritual stress.



Chakras and Meridians

Red 1st Chakra (Root), Meridian: Large Intestine (LaI), Small Intestine (SmI), Triple Warmer (TrW)


Orange 2nd Chakra (Sacral/Spleen), Meridian: Spleen-Pancreas (Spl), Bladder (Bla)


Yellow 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus), Meridian: Stomach (Sto), Pericardium (Per), Triple Warmer (TrW)


Green/Pink 4th Chakra (Heart), Meridian: Heart (Hea), Kidneys (Kid), Liver (Liv)


Light Blue 5th Chakra (Throat), Meridian: Lung (Lun)


Indigo 6th Chakra (Third Eye), Meridian: Gallbladder (GaB)


Purple 7th Chakra (Crown), Meridian: Gallbladder (GaB)




Red - Hypertension, high fever, mental disorders and angry temperaments.

Orange - None

Yellow - Alcoholism, mental arousal, hysteria, heart palpitations, acute inflammation,    cholera.

Green - None

Light Blue - Colds and flu, hypertension, cold, rheumatism, colds.

Indigo - None.

Purple - None

The 12 Major Meridians of the Body

  1. Lung

  2. Large intestine

  3. Stomach

  4. Spleen

  5. Heart

  6. Small intestine

  7. Bladder

  8. Kidney

  9. Pericardium

  10. Triple Warmer

  11. Gallbladder

  12. Liver

Here is a simple article about the basics of Chinese Medicine meridians..

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