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Carina Eden Chakra Balance Gels Carina Eden Chakra Balance Gels are a set of daily use remedies that help change the unwanted patterns of behavior and promote profound transformation. Each formula is designed to enhance and balance one of the seven main energy centers.  Chakra Balance is an artisanal, handmade, alchemic formula consisting of an Aloe Vera gel base with a distinct blend of Essential Oils, Homeopathic Remedies (such as Bach Flowers and others), and rich fruit pigments designed for each particular chakra.  They are a delightful hydrating formula infused with intelligent, spiritual energy; frequencies of light, sound, color, energetic stones, crystals, and sacred geometry.  When used regularly, you will create a special connection with the gel. The use of Carina Eden Chakra Balance Gels can develop a range of benefits that can be incredibly profound. You will feel an emotional, spiritual, intellectual shift and a physical well being; eventually bringing a feeling of balance and harmony to your own life.

Chakra Balancing Gels

The Chakras

Consciousness, connection to Divine Source
Wisdom & Spiritual Awakening
Communication & Self-Expression
Love & Compassion
Willpower & Self-Confidence
Sexuality, Sensuality, & Creativity
Safety, Grounding & Physical Power
About Carina Eden

 Carina Eden


Being a Sagittarius, my life has always been a search for a deeper spiritual meaning. I was fortunate to be born from loving, accepting, and open-minded parents who gave me the freedom to be myself. They were always ahead of their time regarding natural ways of living. At home, Herbs, Homeopathy, Meditation, and Vibrational medicine were a commonplace.  I always lived according to the teachings of my family, and thus, I brought up my beautiful kids Nicholas and Stephanie with the care of Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Anthroposophy.  

I was an artist and a language teacher when the sudden death of my adored father occurred. I was only 29, and since then I dived even deeper into my spiritual quest. His death was not remotely expected, and I felt a part of me was buried with him. I started to participate in groups of Kardecist Spiritism in Brazil, and a whole new reality started to reveal itself.  My grief suddenly changed into the peace of heart and awareness.

A massive shift happened in my life, and I had the urge to use my art as a means of helping suffering people. I then started my Anthroposophical studies in Artistic Therapy, then Biographical Therapy and worked with that for a while. Eight years after dad passed, my mom got very ill. Her diagnose lead us to a spiritual land, a magnificent energy portal in central Brazil. Here a whole new chapter of my life was initiated. I became a medium of the “Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola,” the Center where deep healing through spiritual Entities occurs.

After the irreversible loss of my mom, my best friend, I again had the impulse of learning more on the perspective and techniques of Natural Medicine. This way, I would have further tools to help people at a physical level as well. I started a more thorough understanding of the disease and the personal occult reason behind it. Since then, helping people understand the unbalances and shadows that lead to ailments has been my aim and passion. Always trying to develop more profound help to my patients, family, and friends, I started looking for new tools to enhance this need.  I became a Past Life Regression Therapist, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, and learned many other healing methods. The more my technique started to emerge, the more it was becoming subtle and vibrational.

At the end of 2015, I came to live in the US with my beloved boyfriend, who became my husband the following year. There was a need inside of me to reach more people to help, and by the end of 2016, I went back to Brazil, where I received a specific “assignment.”  A new ability was given to me. It was to connect to my source and make a product that could carry the balancing energies to help harmonize what was not in a balanced state. The Carina Eden Chakra Balancing Gels were born after a long spiritual journey in the search for wholeness and healing. And hopefully, for a long time, this journey will go on and o. I can only express how grateful I am to introduce my  “Soul Infused Remedies," The Carina Eden Balance Gels.

Carina Edenburg is a certified Natural and Integrative Medicine Therapist from Argentina. She studied Anthroposophical Therapies and Naturology (Ayurvedic & Chinese Medicine) at the Anhembi Morumbi University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She works with the energy and intelligence of the Heart and the understanding of the Human Soul through Vibrational and Energetic Healing (Calatonia, Colorpuncture, Reconnective Healing, Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Remedies).  She also incorporates Anthroposophic Artistic Therapy and Past Life Regression techniques through Hypnotherapy. Using Mindfulness Meditation, Breathing Techniques, and Yoga, she is always seeking for the prevention of diseases (through the understanding of the shadows that inhabit our unconscious mind) and the promotion of life quality and happiness. This way helping people be emotional, physically, mentally and spiritually balanced.  Carina is a mother of two very special kids, a dedicated and loving wife, and also a sculptress. She shares a deep love for individuals and is always trying to help and support those in need. 

Carina Eden
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