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How to Choose the Right  Chakra Gel

Life can be challenging, one moment we are well, and next, we receive bad news, argue with our spouse, or something unpredictable happens and we completely change our frequency.  Our diet, our routines and the awareness of our emotions have a determining role in our health and balance. Many times just our own thoughts, emotions, experiences, traumas or mere daily issues can unbalance our energetic bodies.


Unbalanced energy can eventually unfold in a health disorder, physical, psychological, mental, spiritual or even a material problem revealed in our practical lives. Unbalance is the predecessor of disease, yet unbalance can be treated before it turns into a physical problem. The more aware we are about what we’re going through and how much is too much to bear, the less we’re affected in a tangible way.  The role of my Chakra Balancing Gels is to help stabilize emotions such as fear, shame, self-repression, excesses, depression, euphoria, etc.


Each of the Chakras governs a specific organ and gland, a specific emotion and is in charge of a specific challenge. Understanding what is lacking or what is in excess will give us a direction to where the issue is situated. Once we possess this perception we can choose the gel that works in that particular Chakra harmonizing it and bringing stability.


There is a basic explanation about the Chakras, its unbalanced and balanced state that can help you choose among the 8 color Chakra Balancing Gels. Please feel free to make your own choice based on the particulars, or expand the information with a more thorough reading within this website.  After acknowledging which organs, emotions or segments of your life are not in harmony , you will be able to recognize and choose which Gel that best suit your unbalances at this particular time. With this understanding you can evaluate what is the most important issue you would like to address first. Most people have more than one Chakra out of balance. Living in modern societies we are always subjected to sudden energy shifts and disconnection. You can either choose which of the gels is a better option or get the whole set of Chakra Balancing Gels and start aligning them at your own desire.

If you would like a quick evaluation through the vibration of your name and see which gel would be appropriate for you, please send an email to Simply write your name and date of birth and we will respond as soon as possible with the result. A pendulum is used to evaluate your unbalanced center.


If you would like to have a one-on-one 15 minute free Skype consultation with Carina Eden to assess and help determine which Chakras needs attention, go to the products page add the appropriate item to your cart. Carina will contact you to schedule your appointment.   

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