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How to use the Chakra Kit

 Chakras are like constantly moving energy wheels that make part of our subtle body. This energy has to flow so that the our organism is in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our life is governed from the inside out and when these centers do not flow steadily and harmoniously, our lives concrete can also stagnate in that specific area. There are seven main Chakras, arranged from the base of the column spine to the top of the head and each corresponds to one of the seven main glands in the human body. Each of these Chakras is in close correspondence with certain physical, mental, emotional, vital or spiritual. In a healthy body, all these points spin energy at great speed. But if one of these centers begins to decrease the speed of rotation, the flow of energy is inhibited or blocked - resulting in aging or disease.


My gels were created to help vibrationally align the energy centers. The gel works in a subtle and deep way sending the cell the information for that specific Chakra in its state balanced. Because they are homeopathic remedies, the frequency and continuity, thus creating rhythm and daily habit. So it is important to apply a small amount of the gel to the region specific Chakra to be worked on, two to three times a day until the bottle run out. The duration should be approximately 2 months. If you have purchased the Chakras Kit / Set I recommend using all every day, preferably twice a day. This will stimulate the alignment of all Chakras so you can start your treatment. The gels must be passed on the Chakra site itself, if you can front and back of the body. You can start from top to bottom or from the root to above, or even from the middle of the heart, you will know what is more suitable for your daily life. After the shower and before dressing already passes them all.

The kit should be kept indoors, preferably a ziplock bag and protected from light, so it will last longer and will always stay fresh. The amount to be used is very small, just wet the finger. The kit should last approximately three to four weeks. If you think you brought alignment and want to use your own treatment then you can acquire the gels, in your case the green and the blue course, passing them in the determined areas (Heart and circumference of the base of the neck and throat) for two or three months which is approximately how long the bottles last.


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