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Chromopuncture is a blend of chromotherapy and acupuncture, but without the needle!  It is an absolutely non-invasive technique where the body’s energy channels can be stimulated.. A light pen equipped with color is used to stimulate the flow of Qi. Colored light is applied to the skin at specific points (ie. acupuncture points, along the meridians, or chakras). Each color emits a vibration (frequency) reaching (informing) cells, to rebalance and heal. Chromopuncture is a therapeutic technique that uses colors to balance the body physically, emotionally and energetically. Since the dawn of time, Egyptians used colored light to treat diseases and Chineses used it for diagnosis, but the first scientific studies date back to the late 19th century when a Danish doctor named Niels Ryberg Finsen, Nobel Prize in Physiology (Medicine), created (in 1896) an institute for the treatment of tuberculosis with light and color. 


ChromoPuncture Pen II -  Double Point works with spotlights in certain points of the body to provide health and well-being benefits. The pen is produced in stainless steel. Light, portable and has the options: focused light for specific points or flashlight for larger areas. You can access the pen manual here.


Optical Filters: Magenta; Purple; Blue; Light blue; Green; Red; Dark orange; Orange; Dark yellow; Yellow.


Included Items: 1 Chrome 7 Light Pen Equipment; 1 Light pen; 10 Colors of chromatic films; 2 Tips; 1 case for storage and transportation; 2 batteries (AAA).


Cautions: Remove the batteries from the pen if you are not going to use it frequently; Avoid impacts of the pen and tips; Sensitive optical filters, be careful when handling; Keep out of reach of children; Professional use.

ChromoPuncture Pen II - Double Point

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