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***Difference between Massager 1 and Massager 2 is that the Massager 2 has a larger crystal, otherwise, the pens are the same.***


- Tip in genuine Crystal specific cut for massages together with Chromotherapy
- LEGITIMATE Crystal, extracted from QUARTZ rock, with natural internal works of the Crystal formation (we do not work with Synthetic Crystals or glass)
- All copper appliance with High Gloss Chrome finish (does not fade, rust or oxidize)
- Velvet finish for protection of the blades and fixation, not dropping the blades at the time of application
- NEUTRAL LIGHT electronic lamp offering 100% correct colors.
- AAA LED LIGHT battery, great durability and Crystal Luminosity, practicality in applications, as it does not require cables and sockets
- Contains 02 openings for insertion of up to 2 sheets of colored acrylic blades simultaneously
- Switch On and Off
- Comes with a set with 8 Colored Blades (Chakra colors), greater durability and color definition, laser cut, in the correct thickness for Professional Chromotherapy


It comes with a Padded bag for protection and transport of the device and Crystal.
Photos show real images of the product,
Dimensions: diameter 28mm x length 18cm


About the Massager Stick for Chromotherapy

This device works as a store of sub-atomic particles, amplifying, accumulating and emitting energy falling to the crystal through the connection of the mental attunement, directing it and the emission of this accumulated energy within it. Science has already proven that all material manifestation is just a bombardment of sub-atomic energy on dense matter. And this bombardment is directed by our mind. The application of the Altalante Crystal-chromatic rod, on the affected organ (except eyes), or corresponding Chakras, it is advisable to start by inserting the color Blue, making an energetic sweep on all chakras for one to two minutes, After interspersed, the corresponding colors and specific energy needs will be applied


NOTE: We work with selected crystals and are as clear as possible, but as they are natural stones, it will be normal to have internal scratches or cracks inside the Crystal, natural from the formation of the stone.


HOW TO CHANGE THE BATTERIES OF THE LED BASE: The Appliance uses 03 AAA batteries. Unlocking the rear button turns it on and off, then remove the internal base where the batteries are inserted, remove the batteries, and then replace with new ones which should be in the same position. Next to the battery compartment, you will see an “arrow” in high relief, directing it into the device. Important: If you are not going to use the device for a long time, remove the batteries to avoid oxidation, which the warranty does not cover (the device does not come with batteries)


Due to the characteristics of the product, do not store or use the product near damp places or containers that accumulate liquids, contain liquids, or may fall.  When not using the device for a long time, remove the batteries to avoid oxidation. To clean the product, do not use chemicals or corrosives, just wipe with a dry, soft cloth. Blades Set: Blades are made of resistant acrylic and can be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth.

Professional Chromotherapy Massager 2

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