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Carina Eden TOUGH DEFENSE is a powerful hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of harmful germs. This delicately scented gel carries a blend of powerful disinfectants infused in an alcohol and organic Aloe Vera gel solution with organic essential oils and robust antiseptic properties. I developed this sanitizer with strong ingredients to handle the new virus that is currently spreading around the world. TOUGH DEFENSE leaves hands feeling refreshed without stickiness or residue. It's also Dye-Free, Waterless, and Non-Toxic.


Ingredients: 91% Organic Aloe Vera gel base, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 100% Pure Gum Spirit of Turpentine, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic Thyme Essential Oil, and Organic Clove Essential Oil.


Indications: For EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  Rinsing and drying of hands is not required. Use anytime, anyplace, without water or towels. It can also be used to clean and disenffect surfaces.


How to use: Rub a sufficient amount on your hands and on any surface that needs sanitation and allow it to dry freely. 


    TOUGH DEFENSE Hand Sanitizer - 2.0 oz

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