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On January 20th there will be a Lunar eclipse. Eclipses have fascinated many cultures and inspired several myths and legends. Unfortunately, they are often portrayed as something evil and obscure. However, regardless of your beliefs, the period proceeding this particular eclipse is a beautiful, energetic opening that gives us the opportunity to connect and co-create. It is a powerful time that can be used to your advantage.

Ask yourself, which areas of your existence need renewal? Is there anything not working according to your plan? What do you envision? Are your thoughts and intentions working in favor of the results you want to achieve?

Now is the time to start paying attention to those critical issues and leave aside the negativity that is coming from the outside world. Focus on those things that you want to see concrete in your reality. Meditate and connect with your source. It’s time to set aside fear, insecurity, doubts, and desperation and use your thoughts and actions to activate this magic space.

Strengthening the Root Chakra can be vital for this moment. It will take you out of fear and give you the strength and grounding you need to make this happen your way. You can try some yoga Asanas for rooting; or grounding exercises such as squatting; or simply walking bare feet on the ground, stamping your feet while feeling your true will. You can also use essential oils such as Thyme and Rosemary and wear red or earthy color clothes.

The Sacral Chakra can also be activated to help in this process. It will bring out the creative forces with which you build your concrete forms, allowing your dreams to manifest. To stimulate the Sacral Chakra power, you can move the pelvic area in a sensual circular motion, dance to music that touches your heart. You can breathe slowly feeling your own internal rhythm. You can also dress in orange colors and eat orange foods. There are some wonderful options of essential oils available for this chakra, like Ylang Ylang and Sweet Orange. There are also many yoga Asanas that can help bring out this energy as well.

Another option that can help you with this significant transformation is my Carina Eden Gels for Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra. They are vibrational and homeopathic remedies along with various essential oils in an aloe vera gel base. They are infused with the information of that specific Chakra in a balanced state. My unique process of production includes the healing energy of crystals, stones, sacred geometry, and electromagnetic frequencies of sound, light, and meditation. When used daily, you will start noticing changes that can help transform old patterns that don’t serve you anymore.

For a limited time, until January 21st, the red, Root Chakra Gel and the Orange, Sacral Chakra Gel are 25% off! Use coupon code “Lunar Eclipse” at check out.

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