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Tough Defense Hand Sanitizer

Tough Defense is made with two powerful disinfectants: Alcohol and 100% Pure Gum Spirit of Turpentine. It’s blended with the robust antiseptic properties of Organic Tea Tree, Thyme, and Clove Essential Oils in a base of Organic Aloe Vera gel. It’s lightly scented and leaves your hands feeling refreshed without stickiness or residue. It's also Dye-Free, Waterless, and Non-Toxic. If you are looking for something clean but strong, check out Tough Defense while supplies last.Tough Defense Hand Sanitizer comes in two travel sizes and is great to leave in your car or purse or use around the house.

Now thru April 1, ALL of our products at will be 25% off when you use the discount code HEALUS25%. Now is a good time to stock up on Chakra Balance, Bliss Balsam and Pacha Mama gels.

Be Well and In Health!


Carina Eden

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