3 Simple & Important Steps to Avoid Covid-19

I’ve received a lot of emails from people the past few days asking what THEY can do to help prevent catching Covid-19.

Of course, now is a scary time with Covid-19 growing so rapidly inside our communities. What makes this moment truly anguishing is thinking that the person next to you can harm you and your family. It seems those once good neighbors or members of our community have become our “enemies”. And yet, this is nobody's fault! The question is, what can WE do to take responsibility for our health without having to sacrifice 100% of our freedom? Being so fearful every time that we need to leave the house takes a toll on our psychological and emotional well-being.

So, here are 3 Simple and Important Steps you can take to Avoid catching Covid-19 and help put your mind a little bit more at ease.

1. WASH HANDS & USE HAND SANITIZER. Covid-19 enters our body via our mouth, eyes, and nose. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water and use hand sanitizer when you touch ANYTHING outside your home. This action will kill the virus and eliminate it from spreading further. The more vigilant you can be with this step, the better. Another alternative when leaving the house is to wear disposable gloves (remember to throw them away before getting back in). When you get home, immediately wash your hands thoroughly.

2. AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE. It’s a good idea for us all to start practicing the art of not touching our faces. Wearing a mask, even when at home, is a good practice that will help make us more conscious. When you start counting, you’d be surprised at how often we are in contact with our faces and don’t realize it. Since masks are in such short supply, you can wear a bandana and leave the masks for Doctors who are in more constant and close exposure.

3. SOCIAL DISTANCING. It takes about 15-30 minutes of exposure with someone already contaminated or infected to get the virus. For this reason, avoid all social events, try to keep six feet away from people at supermarkets or other public places, and try to keep your inner circle to as few people as possible.

This virus might be around a while, so we need to start re-educating ourselves by implementing these new safeguards. I know they sound simple, but if you can diligently follow them, you will be contributing to your good health as well as others.

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Be Well and In Health!


Carina Eden

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