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Symptoms & Signs of Each Imbalanced Chakra


Representations: Physical and Material Concerns; Survival and Security, Safety, Primitive self, Primal Instincts, Self-Preservation, Identity; Root Connection to the Physical Body and Grounded to the Earth.

Related Issues: Basic survival needs (shelter, food) and material matters such as money and home; physical issues connected to the body areas and organs associated with the Root Chakra; any issues rooted in fear; misuse of physical energy or unhealthy attachment to the material; feeling ungrounded/disconnected.

Associated Glands/Organs & Corresponding Body Parts: Adrenal Glands, Reproductive glands, Coccyx, anus, colon, large intestine; Spinal Column, tailbone; bones, hips, legs, knees, feet; Circulation System; blood, kidneys.


A balanced Root Chakra provides the foundation on which we build our life and enables us to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. The Root chakra pulls in energy from the higher chakras to maintain good health. This is the center where we ground ourselves to the earth and anchor our personal energy into the world.

Physical Imbalances & Malfunctions in Root Chakra

Physical: clumsiness and coordination issues (ungrounded), poor circulation in lower extremities; irritable bowel syndrome, colon/rectal issues, hemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhea, gas, blood disorders, issues with metabolism; spine or skeletal issues, lower back pain, sciatica, joint pain, hip problems, issues with legs, knees or feet, varicose veins, arthritis or inflammation in lower extremities; sleep issues, poor sense of smell, immune system issues, kidney and bladder problems, high libido or promiscuity, reproductive issues, skin or complexion related issues or lesions, cancer (in lower regions), physical addictions (gambling, food), weight issues (overeating/under-reacting, obesity/anorexia).

Over-Active Root Chakra (Excessive Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Fear or insecurity related to the physical/material, frustration, impatience, intolerance, anger, aggression, restlessness, impulsiveness, compulsivity, recklessness, hyperactivity, mania/rapid mood swings; egotistical; over-confident, over-active sex drive, sexual aggression, sadistic, manipulative, domineering, controlling, over-protective, territorial, possessive, selfishness, self indulgent, laziness, materialistic, greediness, preoccupied/obsessed with money or security, materialism or hoarding; resistant to change, stubborn, judgmental, biased, rigid boundaries; addictions to physical and material pleasures (food, money, etc.), weight issues (over-eating, obesity), excessive physical energy, prone to violence.

Under-Active Root Chakra (Insufficient Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Feeling ungrounded, instability, insecure, nervousness and worry, fearful, low self esteem, lack of confidence, timid, self-doubt, underachieving, passivity, self-deprivation, poor focus and discipline, lack of drive/stamina, feeling uninspired, lack of enthusiasm, lethargy, apathy, general disinterest in life or daily activities, feeling unwelcome or misunderstood, feeling of not 'fitting in', feelings of unworthiness, shame, feeling powerless, feeling disconnected or detached from the world or your body, dread, depression, suicidal, overly cautious, untrusting and suspicious, low libido or repressed sexuality, chronic disorganization, resistant/afraid of change, poor personal boundaries, co-dependency, recipient of abuse or abusive towards others, financial difficulties/struggle with money, poverty.

Life Stage Trauma: Issues with the Root chakra are associated with major trauma occurring in the first 5 years of life or a difficult birth experience. Issues related to early abandonment; issues with maternal figure (mother). Themes related to Root chakra issues often recur between the ages of 30-34, 60-64 and 90-94.

Signs of an Open and Balanced Root Chakra

Feeling Centered and Grounded, physical and material stability, feeling physically connected to body and to the earth, feeling safe and secure in the physical world; trusting, self confident, assertiveness, good self control, well-grounded emotionally, down to earth, feeling stable and secure in all physical and material aspects of life; good physical health, healthy eating habits, organized at home and with finances, prosperity without attachment, abundance, physical vitality and stamina, strength, healthy and fit, enthusiasm and drive; feeling fully alive, a strong sense of identity and life purpose; strong sense of belonging and feeling supported.

Balance and Energize the Root Chakra through physical exercise of any kind, walking, spending time outdoors in nature, being closer to the earth (laying on the ground, walking barefoot on the grass, etc.,), stomping your feet upon the ground (or floor if indoors), marching, dancing, tai-chi, yoga, squats, playing any type of field sport. Get more actively involved in life and by creating more physically stability. Seek support from family, friends or community to feel more connected. Look for evidence that your world is safe and secure, and feel more at home in your own physical body. 

Root Chakra Imbalances can also be healed through sound, color, meditation/visualization techniques and Carina Eden's Red Chakra Balancing Gel. 


Representations: Emotional Concerns, Sexuality and Reproduction; Pleasure and Desires, Feelings, Emotional Self, Creativity, Self-Expression, Movement, Balance and Flow of Energy, Joy, Fun and Play.

Related Issues: Issues related to feelings and emotions, emotional connections and intimate relationships; issues relating to sexuality, misuse of sexual energy, sexual/emotional addictions, issues relating to personal ethics and morals, personal desires; issues related to self-esteem, self-expression and creativity. Physical issues connected to the body areas and organs associated with the Sacral Chakra.

Associated Glands/Organs & Corresponding Body Parts: hips, lower back, sexual organs, bladder, kidneys, bodily fluids, lower abdomen, large intestine, reproductive organs, and the kidneys, bowel and lower intestine.

A balanced Sacral Chakra allows us to have balanced emotions and feelings, and healthy sense of self-esteem. It balances the sexual and creative energies as well.

Physical Imbalances & Malfunctions in Sacral Chakra

Physical: Kidney and gall bladder problems, urinary and bladder problems and infections, spleen/pancreas problems, muscle cramps, chronic lower back pain or tension, pain in hip or pelvic region, swelling or bloating in lower regions, sexual dysfunctions (impotence, frigidity, etc.,), low libido/sex drive (insufficient energy); over-active sex drive/promiscuity (excessive energy), problems with reproductive organs and fertility; menstruation issues/PMS, issues, prostate and uterus problems, vaginal or prostate cancer, hormonal imbalances, stress-related skin conditions, issues related to large and small intestines, digestive disorders, constipation/diarrhea, weight loss/lack of appetite (insufficient energy); weight gain/overeating (excessive energy), lack of appetite/emotional over-eating, emotional and sexual addictions, sexually transmitted diseases, poor sense of taste, lack of energy, depression.

Over-Active Sacral Chakra (Excessive Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Feeling emotionally overwhelmed or burdened, overly dramatic, overly emotional, emotional outbursts, aggression, overly ambitious, overindulgent, selfishness, arrogance, hyper sexuality, over-active sex drive, emotional and sexual addictions, selfish, arrogant, promiscuity, sexual addictions; use sex to avoid dealing with your emotions, misuse of sexual energy; manipulative, seduction, emotional attachments/emotional dependency; distrust, self-absorbed, oversensitive/ruled by emotions, emotional obsessions, possessiveness, jealousy and envy, hatred, mood swings, poor boundaries with others, addicted to pleasure/emotional-based addictions.

Under-Active Sacral Chakra (Insufficient Energy)

Mental/Emotional: Feeling flat or lifeless, emotionally cold/numb, inability to feel or express emotions, lack of passion & excitement, unenthusiastic about life, lack of pleasure, aimlessness and lack of focus, passivity, indecisiveness, aloofness, pessimism, feeling unworthy or unloved, feeling shame or guilt, repression, fear of intimacy, low libido/lack of sexual desire, sexually inhibited, feeling restricted, inability to have fun or experience pleasure, blocked creativity, , feelings of inadequacy, perfectionism, controlling or co-dependent, clingy, moodiness, rigid attitude, judgmental, feelings of injustice or betrayal, low self esteem, overly sensitive, shy, timid, suppressed feelings, immobilized by fear, isolation, feeling 'invisible', mistrustful, anti-social, self-regrets, unfulfilled longings/desires, sexual or emotional abuse, fear of change, uncertainty, feeling victimized.

Life Stage Trauma: Issues with the Sacral chakra are associated with major trauma occurring in life from ages 4 - 9 years old. Often issues related to: abuse, assault, abandonment, parental figures, divorce and issues related to trust. Themes related to Sacral chakra issues often recur between the ages of 34 - 38 and 64 - 68

Signs of an Open and Balanced Sacral Chakra

Creative and self expressive, feeling emotionally secure and balanced, in touch with feelings and able to express them, depth of feeling, healthy sense of self esteem, ability to take healthy risks, committed, nonjudgmental, fluidity, easy going, sociable, friendly, enthusiasm for life, joyous, lively, graceful, sense of well-being, energetic, sensual, warmth, compassionate, loving and nurturing to self and others, genuine, sense of belonging, open to intimacy, healthy sexuality and attitudes toward sex, passionate, good sense of humor, intuitive and clairsentient ability.

Balance and Energize the Sacral Chakra by relaxing and having fun, enjoy the simply pleasures of life, eat slowly and savor meals, any type of creative stimulation or expression (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.,), creative or ecstatic dance, healthy sex or intimacy, therapy for old emotional traumas/wounds, spending time in or near water, e.g. swimming, relaxing baths). Develop healthy support systems and boundaries in life. Take responsibility for emotions and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem. Feed your creative side and take good care of your body.

Sacral Chakra Imbalances can also be healed through sound, color, meditation/visualization techniques, and Carina Eden's Orange Chakra Balancing Gel. 


Representations: Personal Power Centre; Mental Self and Intellect; Motivation, Energy, Drive and Focus; Will Power and Action; Self-Image/Identity; Ego, Magnetism; Self Control and Inner Strength.

Related Issues: Issues related to decision-making and the ability to take action; concerned with taking responsibility in life and being accountable for one's actions; relates to courage and assertiveness; personal ambitions, drive and focus; inner guidance and 'gut reactions/instincts'; issues relating to one's personal self-image, mentality and thinking process; problems involving the ego or the miss-use of personal power; aggression, competition and power struggles. Physical issues connected to the body areas and organs associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Associated Glands/Organs & Corresponding Body Parts: Digestive system; Upper Abdomen, Upper Back and Upper Spine, umbilicus to rib cage, Liver, Gallbladder, Middle Spine, Spleen, Kidney, Adrenals, Small Intestines, Upper Intestines, Stomach, The Diaphragm, the Breath, Skin, Digestive Organs, Stomach, Pancreas

A balanced Solar Chakra enables us to feel energized and empowered. This chakra is our core self, our power center and the seat of our will. Physical Imbalances & Malfunctions in Solar/Navel Chakra

Physical Imbalances & Malfunctions in Solar Plexus Chakra

Physical: Stomach problems, eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia), food allergies/intolerances, digestive/gastric issues, indigestion, ulcers, pancreas, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver problems, gall stones, indigestion, hepatitis, colon diseases, IBS, bloating, adrenal problems, sleep disorders, insomnia, chronic fatigue; difficulty breathing, arthritis, middle back pain, muscle cramps, multiple sclerosis, chronic stress, panic attacks, frequent illness (from deficient and/ or excessive energy), excessive anger or fear, psychological imbalances, obsessive compulsive behavior, addictions/addictive personality, premature aging, cancer

Over-Active Solar Plexus Chakra (Excessive Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Stubborn, judgmental, critical of self or others, perfectionism, inability to trust one's self and others, low self esteem, self-righteous attitude, inability to feel satisfied, unethical behavior, lack of integrity, irresponsible, materialistic focus, arrogance, intolerant, intense/over-powering energy, domineering, forceful energy, intrusive, controlling, aggressive, manipulative, rebellious attitude, deceptive, over-achieving/ambitious, feeling superior to others, viciously competitive, misuse of power, dictatorship, power hungry, workaholic, anger issues, quarrelsome/provokes others, temper tantrums and violent outbursts, hyperactivity, negative thinking and attitude, overly intellectual, mental overwhelm, feeling burnt out or exhausted, ridged thinking/fear of change, overly concerned over physical appearance/self-consciousness

Under-Active Solar Plexus Chakra (Insufficient Energy)

Mental/Emotional: Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Lack of inner strength, lack of will-power and intention, lack of courage, lack of confidence, lack of self-discipline and follow through, unreliable, easily manipulated, blaming others, insecurity or feeling rejected, feeling victimized, poor self worth, self-doubt, negative self image needing constant reassurance, feeling inferior, fear, anxiety, over-cautious, phobias, isolation, fear of being alone, feeling deprived, feeling inner void or emptiness, feeling invisible, distrustful of others, unapproachable, aloofness, lethargy, passivity, indecisiveness, emotionally cold, feeling powerless/disempowered, lacking drive and energy, feeling disconnected from source of power.

Life Stage Trauma: Issues with the Solar chakra are associated with major trauma occurring in life from ages 8 - 12. Themes related to Solar chakra issues often recur between the ages of 38 - 42 and 68 - 72.

Signs of an Open and Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra

Feeling self-empowered, strong sense of self, strong Will Power, self-confidence, good discernment, fair and just, strong self control/self discipline, feeling secure and at-ease, well nourished and healthy eating habits, sunny disposition, optimistic, spontaneity, playfulness, good-humored, peaceful, joyful/cheerful, outgoing, strong sense of personal power, self-respect, self-acceptance and compassion, feeling assertive and in control, self-confidence, healthy self esteem, drive and motivation, intelligent and skillful, responsible, reliable, flexible and open to change, receives and trusts inner guidance, balance and inner harmony.

Balance and Energize the Solar Plexus Chakra by following your inner guidance and trusting your 'gut instincts' more often. Empower yourself by doing things you enjoy and are skilled at; take healthy risks. Take responsible action in your life and in the world. Practice loving, nurturing and accepting your self; Practice positive thinking. Let go of the stress factors in your life. Play and be spontaneous. Find reasons to laugh more. Take charge over your health and eating habits; exercise, especially core strength training. Spending time outdoors in the sun also energizes the solar center.

Solar Plexus Chakra Imbalances can also be healed through sound, color, meditation/visualization techniques, and using Carina Eden's Yellow Chakra Balancing Gel. 


Representations: Issues relating to Love & Relationships, Emotional Balance, Energy Equilibrium, Harmony; Community, Group Consciousness, Unconditional/Spiritual Love, Generosity, Sharing, Compassion, Forgiveness.

Related Issues: Issues related to the giving and receiving of love; compassion, kindness, generosity and empathy towards others; fulfilling close and personal relationships; intimacy; emotional expression, balance and harmony; soul related issues; unconditional and humanitarian love; unity. The heart is the center of the chakras and issues here can cause imbalances in the entire system; it's also an important chakra for healing. Issues also related to the ability to express deep emotions including joy, fear, sadness and serenity.

Associated Glands/Organs & Corresponding Body Parts: Heart, Circulatory System, Rib Cage, Lungs, Diaphragm, Skin, Hands, Arms, Upper Back, Thymus Gland, Lymph Glands Immune System, Respiratory System, Blood, Veins, Arteries

A balanced Heart Chakra enables us to grow in spiritual love. Love is the breath of life and it connects us to the spirit that is within all things. The awakened and expanded heart Chakra is the gateway into the higher states of consciousness.

Physical Imbalances & Malfunctions in Heart Chakra

Physical: Heart related problems, circulatory system problems, thymus problems, issues with pancreas, blood pressure issues, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hypertension, breathing difficulties, respiratory ailments, asthma, frequent colds, auto-immune system problems, pain or issues with middle and upper ribs, upper back pain/problems, muscular disorders, muscle spasms/tension, pain or injuries related to arms, wrists, fingers, shoulder pain/issues, issues with lungs, chest pressure or tension, ulcers, blood disorders, chronic stress, heart/lung disease/cancer, heart attack; skin/complexion issues, tumors, breast cancer, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety/panic attacks, psychological Imbalances, depression

Over-Active Heart Chakra (Excessive Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Jealousy, stinginess, anger, suffocating/smothering people with your love, controlling, becoming possessive or obsessive, giving too much of oneself, over-sacrificing, over-confident, co-dependency demanding, clinginess, overly critical, selfish/conditional love, emotionally manipulative, moody, melodramatic, manic-depressive, relationship problems, deceitful, domineering, emotionally dominating, stubborn/need to be right, arrogant and hyperactive, competitive, anger, aggressive, temper tantrums, overly emotional, emotional or violent outbursts, trust issues.

Under-Active Heart Chakra (Insufficient Energy)

Mental/Emotional: Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Lack of compassion for self or others, cold-hearted, emotionally distant, lack of empathy, self conscious, overly sensitive, low self-esteem/self-worth, seeks validation/approval, needs constant reassurance, feels unloved/unworthy of love, fear of intimacy/close relationships, afraid of letting go or feeling vulnerable; unable to express needs, anti-social and withdrawn, loneliness and isolation, fear of rejection, self-pity, self-doubting, feeling trapped/restricted, feeling unfulfilled, burying/repressing emotions, feeling taken advantage of, martyrdom, victim mentality, holding a grudge/inability to forgive, blaming others, insecurity, jealousy, possessiveness, paranoid, indecisive, passive-aggressive, intolerant, critical, judgmental, skeptical, afraid to love or be loved, fears of betrayal, resentment, anger, emotionally co-dependent/clingy, stinginess, easily manipulated, guilt, bitterness, melancholy, heartache, grief, sorrow, repressed emotional wounds, joylessness, trust and abandonment issues.

Life Stage Trauma: Issues with the Heart chakra are associated with trauma occurring between the ages of 12-16, 42-46 or 72-76.

Signs of a Balanced Heart Chakra

Healthy and harmonious relationships, comfortable with intimacy, has empathy, compassionate, generous, balanced in giving and receiving love, sincerity, positive/optimistic attitude, nurturing, friendly, in touch with feelings,emotions flow freely, balanced emotional expression, gives without expectation in return, ability to authentically love self and others, unconditional loving, helpful, joy, gratitude, sense of freedom, expansion, sense of calm, tolerant, understanding and accepting, fulfilled, strong heart, ability to change and adapt, kindness and affection, purposeful living, harmony, adaptive, forgiving, enthusiasm, trusting, peacefulness, feeling of unity and connectedness, humanitarian nature.

Balance and Energize the Heart Chakra by balancing giving and receiving; be open to receiving love and giving love without expectations. Be more authentic and sincere with others, and help others when you can. Strive for more healthy and harmonious relationships. Practice appreciation and gratitude. Practice forgiving yourself and others and heal old emotional wounds. Spend more quality time with friends and loved ones. Get more involved in your local community and volunteer for worthwhile causes. Spend time reflecting in nature and meditate more (especially focus on breathing). Find ways to express your most heart-felt self. Follow your heart more and live your passions; discover your authentic life purpose. 

Heart Chakra Imbalances can also be healed through sound, color, meditation/visualization techniques, and using Carina Eden's Green/Pink Chakra Balancing Gel. 


Representations: Communication & Self Expression, Sound, Vibration, Creativity, Telepathy, Inspiration, Inner Identity, Speech, Writing and Thought Expression, Talking and listening

Related Issues: Issues of self expression and communication, balance, harmony, honesty and integrity, authenticity, higher creativity and self expression; problems with making decisions and taking actions based on ideas; issues involving being able to speak one's truth or understand the intentions of others; issues relating to one's inner voice and guidance, or 'inner truth'. Physical issues connected to the body areas and organs associated with the Throat Chakra.

Associated Glands/Organs & Corresponding Body Parts: Respiratory System/Thyroid Gland, Parathyroid, Throat, Mouth, Lips, Teeth, Tongue, Jaw, Ears, Neck, the Upper Chest, Shoulders, Arms and Hands, Vocal Cords, Lungs,

A balanced Throat Chakra enables us to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. It helps the other chakras pull in energy and maintain good health.

Physical Imbalances & Malfunctions in Throat Chakra

Physical: Problems with communication, issues related to speech (e.g. stuttering, tourettes syndrome), throat problems, sore throats/raspy voice, coughing, laryngitis, tonsillitis, poor listening skills, hearing problems, thyroid issues (under-active/over-active), allergies, nasal issues (stuffy, runny nose), sinus infections, swollen glands/lymph nodes in neck, goiters, skin issues on face/neck, mouth ulcers, teeth and gum problems; tooth aches/infections, issues with cheeks, chin, mouth, lips or tongue, facial pain or paralysis, ear problems/infections, tinnitus issues with jaw, TMJ, upper spine scoliosis, neck stiffness/pain, shoulder tension, tension headaches, lymphatic problems, parathyroid problems, cold symptoms, weakened immune system, issues with metabolism, under-eating/over-eating, issues with breathing/lungs, asthma, emotional and physical addictions, psychological imbalances

Over-Active Throat Chakra (Excessive Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Excessive talking, or talking too fast, poor listening skills, inability to concentrate, negative speaking, criticizing, domineering words, hyperactivity, over-reacting, stubborn beliefs, emotional and physical addictions, indecisiveness, lack of will power, inability to express one's self or truth, dishonesty, devious, judgmental, stubbornness or rigidity, stubbornness, no will-power, overwhelmed, gossiping, condescending, arrogant, interrupting others, poor comprehension, dominating voice, dogmatic, ignorance, self-righteous, Domineering, fanatical, talking as a defense, course language, shouting.

Under-Active Throat Chakra (Insufficient Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Resistance to change, stubbornness, slow to respond, problems communicating, talking too little, trouble communicating thoughts and feelings; difficulty expressing opinions or ideas, withholding words, fear of speaking, difficulty putting feelings into words, introverted, shyness, quiet and withdrawn, not trusting intuition or 'inner voice', inability to stand up for oneself; critical, judgmental, inconsistent, unreliable, timid or weak voice, speech difficulties, manipulative, deceit; not being honest with one's self or others, not speaking one's truth; inability to relax, holding back, confusion, inner conflicts, indecisiveness, lack of discernment, negative thinking, misuse of Knowledge, ignorance, lack of inspiration, blocked creativity and self expression.

Life Stage Trauma: Issues with the Throat chakra are associated with trauma occurring between the ages of 16-21, 46-51 or 76-81.

Signs of a Balanced Throat Chakra

Authentic self expression, harmonious communication, good speaking and listening skills, honest, creative and self-expressive; artistic, confident, able to express opinions, ideas, thoughts and feelings, listens objectively without making assumptions, words flow freely, honest and truthful, loyal, sound judgment and decision making, wisdom, high clarity of thought, intense focus, inventiveness, peaceful, charismatic, independent, assertive, clear-thinking and speaking, good sense of timing, good sense of humor, open and expressive, clear and direct.

Balance and Energize the Throat Chakra by being honest with others and expressing your truth. Work on harmonious communication with others by balancing listening and speaking. Communicate your true thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas. Be more creative and express your authentic self. Express yourself with creative forms of art and music. Learn to trust your 'inner voice' and guidance. Sing or chant, laugh more; listen to harmonious music. Release past emotions and fears. Drink water or warm herbal teas. Practice deep breathing exercises. Purify any toxins from your body.

Throat Chakra Imbalances can also be healed through sound, color,  meditation/visualization techniques, and using Carina Eden Blue Chakra Balancing Gels.


Representations: Psychic Powers, Wisdom, Psychic Abilities, Clairvoyance, Insight, Understanding, Inner Vision, Higher Awareness/Perception; Memory

Related Issues: Issues related to higher perception and wisdom; inner awareness and self reflection; also related to opening up our 'third eye' or 'inner vision' and listening to our intuitive 'inner voice'; related to the spiritual nature of life and questioning reality; related to dreams and visions; relates to the sixth sense and gifts of clairvoyance; issues relating to substance abuse or psychic illnesses. Physical issues connected to the body areas and organs associated with the Brow/Third Eye Chakra.

Associated Glands/Organs & Corresponding Body Parts: Brain/ Lower Brain; Skull, Cerebellum, Face, Ears, Nose, Sinuses, Eyes; Central Nervous System, Pineal; All natural/physical Senses; Left Eye

A balanced Third Eye Chakra keeps us in touch with our intuition and creative insight. It also enhances imagination and allows us to integrate higher knowledge.

Over-Active Brow Chakra (Excessive Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: overly-proud, egomaniac, manipulative, authoritarian, religiously dogmatic, overpowering others, living in fantasy world, excessive daydreaming, escapism, obsessions, delusions, hallucinations, too logical and authoritarian, difficulty concentrating, impatience, fear, highly sensitive, manipulative, belittling others, overly rational, overly sensitive/empathic, spaced out, and experiencing psychic overload, fantasizing too much; hallucinations; lack of concentration; over-active imagination; egomaniac; pride; manipulative; religiously dogmatic; authoritarian, mental stress, judgmental, over-intellectual, overpowering others, unsympathetic, living in a fantasy world, delusional, paranoia, lack of focus obsessive-compulsive behavior, hypersensitivity to psychic stimuli

Under-Active Brow Chakra (Insufficient Energy)

Mental/Emotional: Mental/Emotional Symptoms: poor memory, lack of imagination and insight, inability to visualize, feeling under pressure, fear of the future, or unknown, worry, self-doubt, envy, linear/rigid thinking, decreased receptivity to new ideas, stubborn, close-mindedness, impatient, oversensitive, superstitious, ignoring intuition/underdeveloped intuition, mental confusion, forgetfulness, foggy mind, cloudy/scattered thinking, lack of clarity/focus, mental and emotional instability, overly rational thinking, inability to act on ideas, lack of faith, lack of spiritual understanding, no common sense, paranoia, lack of discipline, fear of success, non assertive, over-sensitivity to others, easily influenced, undisciplined, schizophrenic, blocked psychic abilities, disconnection from reality.

Life Stage Trauma: Issues with the Brow chakra are associated with trauma occurring between the ages of 21-26, 51-56 or 81-86.

Signs of a Balanced Third Eye Chakra

Clear-headed and focused, able to discern truth from illusion, open to receiving wisdom and insight from the universe, higher awareness and heightened perception, in tune with one's Higher Self/Spirit; able to see the bigger picture, flexibility/adaptability, fearlessness, charismatic, good intuition and developed higher senses/psychic abilities, receive spiritual guidance/messages from guides, ability to self reflect, strong faith and inspiration, able to learn easily, good memory; vivid dreams, spiritual visions, able to have out-of-body experiences or astral travels, telepathy, and access to past lives.

Balance and Energize the Third Eye Chakra by using your imagination and trusting your insight and intuition. Write down and pay attention to your dreams/dream analysis. Practice meditation and especially visualization exercises; prayer and faith, self-hypnosis. Practice being more aware of yourself, others and your surroundings. Get in touch with your higher self and connect to the Divine. Trust yourself and listen to your body’s needs. Heal any physical or emotional addictions. Practice healthy detachment and become a master of Mind/Self.

In order for the Brow Chakra to work at its best, the heart chakra must be strong and balanced.

Brow/Third Eye Chakra Imbalances can also be healed through sound, color, meditation/visualization techniques and using Carina Eden Indigo Chakra Balancing Gel.


Representations: Spirituality and Universal Oneness/Truth, Spirituality, Self-realization, Enlightenment, Dynamic Thought, Universal Truth; Oneness, Wisdom; Higher consciousness/Higher Self

Related Issues: Issues with spirituality and the Divine; issues related to higher truth and wisdom; issues with being either too closes off to spiritual connection or excessive/obsessive spirituality; issues relating to feelings of "oneness" with the Universe; issues relating to one's alignment/connection with Inner Spirit or Higher Self; issues pertaining to one's purpose in life; being connected or disconnected with life force energy; also, issues relating to spiritual knowledge, consciousness, spiritual vitality/well-being and enlightenment.

Associated Glands/Organs & Corresponding Body Parts: Brain/Upper Brain, Brain Stem, Cerebral Cortex, Central Nervous System/Pineal Gland, Pituitary, Right Eye, Spinal Cord

This chakra is a replica of all of the other chakras and the total energy signature of each individual is said to exist within the crown chakra. As the Root chakra firmly connects us to the grounding energy of the earth, the crown chakra opens us to the universal energy.

A balanced Crown Chakra keeps us spiritually connected. It allows us to feel connected to a higher power and universal wisdom.

Physical Imbalances & Malfunctions in Crown Chakra

Physical: Psychological Imbalances, nervous system imbalances, cognitive issues, learning disabilities, sleep disturbances, nightmares, overall/general distress, mental illness, personality disorders, stress, worry, hysteria, depression, delusions, hallucinations, memory disorders, Alzheimer’s, amnesia, brain injuries, right-left brain imbalances, dizziness, headaches/migraines, brain tumors, pituitary gland problems, poor coordination, skeletal issues, muscular difficulties, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, MS and chronic exhaustion, paralysis, stroke, vision issues, sensitivity to light, sound and environment, auto immune disorders, extreme exhaustion, energetic disorders, disease and disorders of the skin, life threatening illness or disease, cancer, coma

Over-Active Crown Chakra (Excessive Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Addiction to spirituality, disassociation from body, over-intellectualization, neglecting physical needs, extremist behavior, egotistical, destructive, over imaginative, mental confusion, delusions, manic-depression, psychotic, impractical, greed, arrogance, spiritual psychosis, feeling 'lost', domination of others, excess energy in lower chakras- materialism, spiritual misperceptions, spiritual brainwashing, excessive gullibility, lack of self-understanding, flighty, worrisome, bored, lack of direction, living in one's head, disconnection from earthly matters, constant sense of frustration, obsessive attachment to spiritual matters, close-mindedness, need to feel indispensable, craving sympathy, s spiritual exhaustion, learning difficulties, scattered mental energies, split/multiple personalities.

Under-Active Crown Chakra (Insufficient Energy)

Mental/Emotional: Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Spiritual cynicism, feeling disconnected from Higher Self/Source, disconnected from reality, frustration, feeling misunderstood, confusion, uncertainty and lack of purpose, disillusionment, dissociation, helplessness, hopelessness, chronic mental and emotional exhaustion, spiritual depression, environmental sensitivity, fear of aging or death, dogmatic religious/spiritual views, prejudiced, over-analyzing, indecisive, difficult to think for one's self, limiting beliefs, lack of inspiration, no spark or joy, apathy, spacey, catatonic, self denial, shame, feeling misunderstood, rigid thinking, spiritual ignorance, spiritually unaware/lack of spiritual connection, negative self image, lack of conscience, unrealized/untapped power and spiritual potential, severe depression, suicidal, disconnection with the vital flow of life.

Signs of a Balanced Crown Chakra

Strong and deep sense of spirituality and interconnectedness; awareness of/ access to higher spiritual knowledge/wisdom, open to Divine energy, spiritual/self mastery, self-realization, liberation from limiting patterns and ego attachments, access to higher states of consciousness, feelings of ecstasy and bliss, intelligence, thoughtful and self-aware, open-minded, mental strength, inspiration, just and fair, wise decisions, joyful, increased understanding, expanded consciousness, enlightenment, centered, overall good health and well-being, good spiritual discernment, spiritually empowered, both hemispheres of the brain are balanced and working together in harmony, access to the unconscious and the subconscious mind, ability to live in the present moment, mindfulness, unshakable, faith, inner guidance, spiritual visionary, and inner peace.

Balance and Energize the Crown Chakra by taking the time to meditate on a regular basis; use visualization and breathing techniques; be still and connect with the Source within yourself/higher self; connect to a higher power/God. Praying or any form of spiritual chanting. Find ways to relax and allow more peace to flow into your life. Connect more with spiritually minded people and places; spend more time on spiritual actives or practice (e.g. spiritual centers or spiritual communities, healing groups, group meditations, spiritual events, spiritual teachers, spiritual ritual/sacred ceremony, etc.,) Practice spiritual love and compassion for others. Have more faith and spend more time pursuing your purpose in life.

In order for the Crown Chakra to work at its best, the heart chakra must be strong and balanced.

Crown Chakra Imbalances can also be healed through sound, color, meditation/visualization techniques and using Carina Eden Purple Chakra Balancing Gel.

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