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What is Bliss Balsam?




Bliss Balsam is an artisanal gel made with natural and organic ingredients; aloe vera gel, an extensive blend of different essential oils (more than 40 ), Bach Flower remedies, Homeopathy and other vibrational remedies.  Bliss Balsam is made with care and love using the healing energy of crystals, stones, electromagnetic frequencies of sound, light and information.


The Carina Eden Bliss Balsam carries diverse possibilities and it’s uses are as broad as one can think. Intention and creativity are a good way to allow the Balsam to provide the desired effects.


When, Why & How to apply the Balsam:


  • Apply vigorously on tired/tense muscles, preferably after hot shower.

  • Apply on the chest when feeling lack of air and/or anguish.

  • Apply on the chest for a shocking or sudden situation.

  • Apply on insect bites.

  • Apply on the soles of the feet when the mind is overwhelmed with thoughts.

  • Apply on the sides of the nose when clogged.

  • Apply with vigorous friction and tapping to the buttocks to wake up your body.

  • Apply close to the Root Chakra and/or buttocks region for sexual arousal.

  • Apply to pimples and ingrown hair lumps to calm redness, pain and inflammation.

  • Apply on top of eyebrows for clarity and concentration and meditation.

  • Apply all along your body from feet to head and from front to back for a relaxing sedating need or a stimulating one.

  • Apply on the throat when it is sore.

  • Apply on the soles of the feet when experiencing insomnia.

  • Apply under the eyes to decrease swelling and eye bags.

  • Apply on the temples to alleviate minor headaches.

  • Apply to the wrists in case of low blood pressure.

  • Apply to legs with strong friction to ease restless leg syndrome.

  • Apply to minor burns to ease sore and decrease inflammation.

  • Apply on the knees to calm aches and pains.

  • Apply everyday on hands and feet to get rid of callous.

  • Apply on bruises to calm and decrease inflammation.

  • Apply on psoriasis scabs along the body and skull.

  • Apply for lymphatic drainage, among other uses...


The best way to use this product and get the most benefit is to connect with the Balsam and just feel how it can help your momentary     ailments or minor pains and aches through your own sensitivity and intuition.

This Bliss Balsam is also great to use in conjunction with any of the other Carina Eden Chakra Balance Gels. After applying your Chakra

Balance gel, in the respective area, then add the Bliss Balsam.  This will definitely accelerate the process of that particular Gel and allow you to feel its strength more intensely. 


Warning do Not use in bleeding skin, open wounds or allergic skin reactions. In case of any reactions from the gel, please discontinue the      use.

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