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What is Pacha Mama?

PachaMama is the goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes in South America. She is also known as the Earth/Time Mother.

Mother Earth is our provider and supporter. She gives us shelter, food, water and medicine.
Our connection to the earth promotes safety, stability, peace of mind, strength and the feeling of belonging.

When we disconnect from the earth we loose our sense of protection and well-being, we loose our ground, our roots.

Just like a tree, the stronger and deeper the roots, the more nutrients it can get, the more stable and secure it feels, the more it can grow without fear of falling down.

Rubbing Pacha Mama Gel on the soles of your feet daily, makes you feel rooted, safe, welcomed and supported. In this way bringing strength, objectivity and action from within.

This gel is programmed with information from powerful plants, stones, crystals, Sacred Geometry, sound waves, homeopathic remedies, frequencies of light, flower remedies, and essential oils.

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